Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The ASOS Sale Peacock Kimono

Kimono: ASOS
Dress: ASOS
Necklace: ASOS
Emerald Necklace: H. Samuels
(I like ASOS)

These pictures were taken on a recent trip to Sligo with the family before I leave for Leeds. Staying in Mullaghmore was the perfect decision. Tiny in size and right by the beach it was in commutable distance between everywhere we wanted to go and most importantly it was absolutely breathtaking. The view from our window was the working harbour where boats came in everyday and night and though the weather was horrendous (what other way is there to experience Ireland?) I had such a good laugh. 

These photos were taken at Eithna's By the Sea, this beautiful seafood restaurant nestled on the high street of Mullaghmore. The menu isn't vast, the restaurant isn't big but dear lord the food was incredible. I had mussels which were phenomenal and better than any I've had before and I've had them in the south of France. All the food was caught locally (mine 4km down the road) and the freshness is very obvious. I got to try crab and lobster for the first time as well and nothing could fault the meal. Followed up by a Chocolate Nori Mirangue I was in pure heaven.

Anyway onto the outfit. I bought this ASOS kimono in the sale. It was an impuulse buy and I wasn't really sure how it would look but I am so in love with it. It is the perfect going out throw over the shoulder garment and makes a black outfit a little bit for interesting. It's colourful in the most subtle way and though I got some stares for wearing it (it was horrendous weather and I was determined) I didn't care because I felt amazing in it and that's what clothes should do.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Thrifted Polka Dot Skirt

Denim Shirt: EBay
Vest: ASOS
Skirt: Age UK
Necklace: Primark
Socks: Primark
Belt: ASOS
Sunglasses: Vintage

This day was a good day. I found my denim shirt I got for a fiver from EBay auction. I got this skirt for £2 and most importantly I befriended a kitty. She was sch a sweetie pie she would wait for us on the stairs when we went upstairs. Of course, she's going to have my sister tortured for food, milk now but that's her problem, not mine. Also please note in that pictures I was only stroking the cat's tail it just looks like I'm tugging at it, that would be mean :(

Anywho, these pictures are taken out of the back of my sister's uni flat. It's gorgeous. I love the fire escape and the brick war at the back because they're amazing for photographs and we always have a laugh. It always reminds me that I could have went to Queens to study but I really have no regrets. I loved my university and wouldn't change anything for the world. But I'm an adult now which makes me sad and I see her student shithole and wish I was still there. I am excited for Leeds but adulthood is scary with rent and job hunting and finding a flat which won't be as nice as my 3rd year house. But its time and I can't wait until the 3rd of September when I'm finally going.

I adore this outfit. Once again I have the 'Pebbles' hair with my denim shirt, of course, the skirt and just a black vest. Paired with my flamingo socks, converse (of course I won't wear anything else) its a really easy look to pull off and has pulled me a bit out of my fashion rut I've been having which consists of my mom jeans so yay.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Another ASOS Buy- Bugger Off

Jeans: ASOS
Bag: Thirfted

When I got paid I knew this bugger off tee had to be purchased. I love the contrast between the red and the stripe and god do I love me some stripes. As a plus the slogan depicts my general apathy of life and I even got to use it when some weirdo chased us down the street advertising burgers. Not cool. 

These photos were taken on a stroll through Belfast and me and my sister found this graffiti by Aether and Echo. Also I found out where Aether and Echo was though pity it was a month before I leave. To be fair it used to be a really dodgy bar the last time I was there so yeah. 

Anyway, this shirt is so versatile that it goes with the majority of my wardrobe. Paired with my trusty denim mom jeans and 'Pebbles hair' a la Pebbles from The Flintstones I felt quite 90s walking around the city and it just reminded me how much I'll miss this place. In spite of all the twats, the political scumbags and how generally backwards Northern Ireland is, I will miss it because there's still areas that are gorgeous, progressive and depict what the city is. Maybe this is coming out of place because I missed Pride (working a 12 hour shift) but being around Cathedral quarter just makes me happy and shows how amazing Belfast can be in spite of the bellends.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Mid Monthly Wishlist

Its the middle of the month which means I'm broke and too busy lusting over the things I want online. Its awful but I can't afford to buy stuff because I have to save. It'll be worth it when i move of course so I'll rant about it on my blog because I obviously have a terrible life! All joking aside here's a couple things I'm for and probably won't buy until next payday. But i shall lust nevertheless!

First up is this beauty of a necklace. Oh god how I want this. I have so many outfits that would literally revolve around this necklace. unfortunately I don't have £32 to give shopdixi but I would be happy to sell a kidney for this necklace. Maybe not that far but you know what I mean. I know a lot of places do things similar to this now, I think I saw Primark doing it so it might have to be my substitute for the real thing but the sterling silver attracts me. I don't want my neck to go green or for the colour to literally disappear from the necklace and for that I'd be willing to spend a bit for money. 

I need a new palette. I'm currently using a Soap and Glory one but it just isn't doing anything for anymore and I know if I want a new one I want one that'll last, hence the lusting after the naked palette. I've loved urban Decay since I was 14 (I went through wearing one of their green eyeshadows my cousin gave me) and their colours have always been so pigmented that it really is the only choice. I have other options, something from L'Oreal will suffice for now. But the naked palette is my next big make-up purchase and I can't wait.

I had a denim skirt just like this from Topshop a few years ago and lost it somewhere and I'm gutted. Its so nice to see these types of skirts coming back and I really need a new one with decent denim coming into Autumn because it gets really damn cold and most of my skirts aren't warm enough for the job. Plus it literally matches everything in my wardrobe and I've a striped tee screaming for it.

I work with people with dementia and it can be heartbreaking to see and Elizabeth is Missing tells the story of Maud's forgetfulness, her obsession with canned peaches and the unfortunate disappearance of her friend Elizabeth. It gives the points of views of the worn out care worker, the heartbreak and tiredness of the daughter and Maud's own world. I haven't read it but as someone who deals with this everyday I can't wait to get my hands on it.

These boots are everything. I'd feel like David Bowie in them and I'm 110% ok with that fact. Plus they're from ASOS and that place is my second home.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Skin Drink By Lush

I find Lush expensive. I know some people would lynch me for that comment but its how I find it and when I'm on a budget my skincare takes a back seat which means Lush gets a miss. However, I know their skincare is incredible however at £12 a pop their skin drink though good I would give a miss. For many it is a holy grail product and my sister swears by it so I thought I would have a go. Full of nourishing ingredients including avocado, sesame oil and rose petal its a concoction that I unfortunately don't like the smell off. It isn't the first of course, Celestial's odour also turned me but for some reason Skin Drink didn't reason the standards of Celestial. I think what its downside was was its heaviness. I was warned by the shop assistant that it was heavier that Celestial but at the time I thought I needed it. However, I didn't and it just felt like it sat on my face. I understand that it would be amazing to someone with really dry skin and eczema but for me it was too heavy. Perhaps it was partly me fault for buying something so heavy duty but oh well. It was good on my elbows however which was its saving grace. My elbows always look like I've fallen and this really nourished them and made them look like other people's elbows. However, would I repurchase for just my elbows? No. I think I'll stick to Celestial.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Lumpy Space Princess Influence

Beanie- Amazon
Headphones- Comic Con
Top- Urban Outfitters
Skater Skirt- EBay
Leggings- EBay

Lsp from Adventure Time is sassy, independent and a writer like myself. I love her, she is hilarious and is probably my spirit...alien? Anyway, when times like comic con roll around I need to be controlled when I see merchandise of her. So here's a sort of casual cosplay of all the things I have of her. The headphones were £22 at comic con and were surprisingly cheaper than online The beanie was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend and the leggings are a Black Milk dupe from EBay which are so comfy and really cute, she has so many different expressions. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Holy Grail Beauty Products

I've only really recently got heavily into make-up but some things have stuck by me for years and will for the rest of time. I have certain products that will never leave my beauty routine. Some are very old and some are relatively new but all are amazing

Garnier's Micellar Water
Not much to say about this one because I did a full review of it but its amazing, I love it and its my go to product to taking off my make-up.

Original Source
I've been using this shower gel for years and I can't get enough. The scent is incredible and it lathers up really well. Plus its always on a bargain in either Boots or Tesco so I can't say no.

Rimmel Match Perfection
I really don't need to wear foundation and most day I don't because I'm lazy but when I do this is my go to foundation. I love it and have repurchased and repurchased over the years. It is dewy, silky and has a medium coverage which means I wear it all year round. It literally covers all of my imperfections from my redness to any spots that are starting to creep up. Add a bit of powder and on my skin it lasts all day without feeling greasy. A bonus.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
When I first heard of dry shampoo I thought it meant I no longer had to wash my hair in the shower and thought it was a godsend. I was 10 and a little bit dumb. However, over the years Batiste has been my go to product for when my hair is a bit greasy. Its lightweight, doesn't have that white residue when shaken well and volumises my limp hair to no end and I've bought so many cans over the years that I can't count. And the cherry flavour smells divine.

Sugarbomb by Benefit.
This was one of my first make-up purchases. It makes me cringe saying that because I was like 15 and what the hell was I doing with that amount of money and more so spending it so frivolously. However, I'm glad in spite of it all because this blush is just beautiful. It sits me really well, jst adds enough pinkness and when all four of the colours are swirled it creates the perfect shade. It has lasted me years so it is worth the money and because I'm not very picky when changing up my make-up routine this is a staple of every make-up look and I love it. 

Supercat Eyeliner
Everybody raves about this product and its understandable. It's highly pigmented, is a felt tip eyeliner so the application is smooth and most importantly easy. I use it every single day and will only change it up with the Balm's Schwing when I want it to stay all night. It does smudge on my right eye but thats because that eyes quite sensitive in summer so its really not a reflection on the product. All in all I always repurchase.